Coming Together is the beginning
Keeping Together is progress
Working together is success

Henry Ford

What are Social Facilitators?

The Psychologist Norman Triplett, the father of Social Facilitation, discovered that our performance is significantly better when we are confident in what we are doing, and surrounded by a supportive audience who wants us to succeed. Our role as Social Facilitators is to be that supportive audience, and we help people have the conversations that are impacting their confidence and getting in the way of them being able to collaborate effectively.

As Social Facilitators we do more than resolve conflict and find better ways of working. We enable conversations that trigger positive change, and support teams to come together to find new and exciting ways to serve their customers and support each other’s success. We enable conversations that explore new ways for people to think, work and be better together.

We work with teachers, healthcare professionals, business leaders and change consultants helping them to deepen their team and customer relationships using frameworks and ways of working that are rooted in the foundations of positive psychology .

Our work is helping people step into each other’s shoes and experience a different perspective; one that focuses on the positive opportunities that collaboration brings.

Our business is the two of us and we are supported by some amazing people like Lee and Mike our accountants and Matt and Phil who designed this website.

In order to gain reach and deliver challenging and exciting projects which make a real and lasting difference, we partner with other businesses and individuals who share our principles, values and beliefs so we can co develop products and services with people we trust and respect.


Our technology partners, who have built a unique set of network and collaboration tools and processes with an approach to business that is inclusive, creative and positive.



Who we work with to provide a social learning platform for our education clients.