The journey from Good to Outstanding for the Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals hasn’t just been about focusing on the patient experience and ensuring all 300,000 patients requiring appointments successfully meet the right clinicians and receive the appropriate compassionate, supportive experience.

Its also been about creating richer employee experiences for the team, and for their clinical partners.

Early in our work, we realised that the service was already delivering outstanding results in a number of areas – the team just didn’t believe they were!

So our first job was to help the team shift their focus from avoiding and fixing problems to paying attention to uncovering, understanding and replicating success.

The team has learnt a great deal about the power and impact of appreciation and gratitude. They appreciate, embrace and explore each other’s perspectives, their relationships have deepened, and innovative ideas flow more freely.

They are also partnering with the clinical teams and patients to find new ways of working to serve their patients in outstanding ways.

Whilst we’re still in the early stages of our journey, the impact of our work on patients has been significant, and hard measures of success have progressed significantly:

– Wait times in clinics are now under 15 minutes.
– Only 6% of patients do not attend their clinics and a plan is underway to move this to below 4% in 2018.
– Outpatient referrals within 18 weeks has exceeded the national target of 92% in each of the last 3 months.
– The Net Promoter Score (NPS), measured through the Friends and Family Test is consistently over 90, and is in the upper quartile across the hospital.
– Staff satisfaction rates are rising.

So what’s next? The team are quite literally dreaming big! The short to medium focus is on:

– Developing ways of measuring the ‘Our Right Way to Care’ metrics.
– Achieving Outstanding in the CQC assessment in 2018.
– Embedding Self Check-In.
– Improving clinic attendance.
– Recruiting more patients to the Patient Partner Network.
– Collecting stories for the story space.
– Inviting more clinical partners and Outpatients team members to join.
– Creating a template for using this approach of blended engagement across the whole hospital.
– Opening up the space for other teams to use with their patients.

And in the long term we want to:

– Build our Patient Partner Network and include more clinical partners and GP’s. This will help develop an insight generator that in turn will help inform strategic decisions about the future delivery of Outpatients services, and ensure we are able to influence the Clinical Services Review.
– Template ‘Our Right Way to Care’ Framework and offer it to other Outpatients Services as a way of measuring and demonstrating their effectiveness.
– Template ‘Through My Eyes and In My Shoes’ and offer it up to other Hospital Trusts who want to have a virtual community at the heart of their Patient Partner Networks.

It’s been an incredible journey so far, and we hope it’s going to get even more exciting as we move into 2018.