• ‘Through My Eyes and In My Shoes’ is housed on Humap Software’s REAL Platform and is a private social network underpinned by an involvement framework which enables the Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals Outpatients Team, clinical partners and patients to work together to innovate and continuously improve the patient experience.

‘Through My Eyes’ is about sharing what I notice and appreciate and ‘In My Shoes’ is about sharing my experiences and stories about the impact the service has on me.

It supports the Outpatients Team to:

– Appreciate exactly how it feels to be a patient/clinical partner.
– Learn from, and with, their patients and clinical partners to understand their success and do more of what works well.
– Explore new ways of delivering the service.

Its’ success lies in combining flexible technology with great facilitation to create a Hosted Community of Purpose where everyone participates as much or as little as they want.

As a Community of Purpose members connect with and commit to:

– A defined purpose; working together to improve Outpatient Services and ensure they deliver Outstanding Care.
– ‘Our Right Way to Care Commitments’; Right Place, Right Time, Right Support and Right Care to help focus innovation on what is most important to patients and clinical partners using the Outpatients service.
– Every member knows they’re making a difference.
– Their voice is heard.
– They influence what happens in their local hospital/their workplace.
– They meet other Patient Partners and staff in a safe, virtual world.
– They see the direct impact of their involvement.

The Community Host enables and sustains the community. It’s essential that it’s a friendly, welcoming space where it’s easy and time efficient for members to share, explore, appreciate and learn from each other’s experiences, perspectives and ideas.

Defining how Community Involvement works is essential so everyone who joins can be involved in a way that suits their individual needs.

We want members to be able to engage for minutes each month, not hours!

We have 4 Levels of Involvement:

Communicate – some patients simply want to be kept informed, so we keep them updated by sharing videos and information produced by our team about what’s going on in Outpatients.

Improve – some want to help us find new ways to improve our service. Once our group has grown sufficiently we will be running brainstorms and big monthly conversations and inviting people to join our opinion polls, improvement forums and to support our Outpatient Ambassadors in their work locally and nationally.

Share – some want to share their perspectives by joining us in chats and uploading their own videos and comments.We have also started collecting stories for our story space where patients and staff members share inspiring stories and experiences.

Inspire – we have recruited our first Patient Ambassador who will be helping the Outpatients team as part of a national network.

In our final blog in this series we’ll explore how we create an Outstanding Experience and the impact of our approach on the quality of the Outpatients Experience.