One of our heros is Mr Norman Triplett, the father of social facilitation.

Norman was a Psychologist at Indiana University, and in 1898 he became fascinated by what happens to our accuracy and pace when we are with other people.

He conducted numerous experiments and discovered that cyclists, operating over the same course and distance were quicker when they cycled together.

Norman concluded that when we are familiar with a task, we perform it better when we have an audience. And when we are unfamiliar with a task the opposite happens, and we perform less well than we would alone.

Whilst we love Norman and his ideas dearly, we think its a bit more complex than that. We believe it’s not simply about the familiarity of the task or the presence of an audience.

We believe being able to be better together has everything to do with our attitude towards the task and our relationship with the audience!

Over the years we have worked with thousands of people and together we have learnt that the best way of delivering the most value to customers, communities, and our colleagues is through collaboration.

As Social Facilitators, we understand that being able to be better together is a product of collaboration.

And that collaborative relationships or partnerships are fundamentally the most effective and rewarding way of working.

Partnerships work when everyone involved:

1) Is open and committed to collaboration.

2) Has the confidence and trust in themselves and each other.

3) Is honest and willing to be vulnerable and learn and share together.

And at the heart of every partnership is a shared purpose.

As Simon Sinek so eloquently puts it – when we start with why, we have a good reason to get up in the morning and our customers have a good reason to do business with us.

And we all work better together when we feel part of something bigger than ourselves. Something that is deeply worthwhile. And something that makes a difference to the world we live in.

So when you put partnership working together with a shared purpose, a desire to be happy and fulfilled, and a commitment to making a difference, you create a ‘different way of doing business’.

As Social Facilitators, our partnership focuses on bringing people together around a shared purpose, helping them to overcome their challenges, and find new ways of being better together. We then help them build their own unique ways of doing business differently.

So for us, over 100 years on from Norman’s original insights, being Social Facilitators is about the art and science of being better together.